Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

The Solo S3 is the most up-to-date cordless detector from Escort, a organisation recognised for generating high performance radar detectors. The preceding model, the Escort Solo S2, became the high-quality cordless radar detector that you can purchase, so we’re expecting outstanding matters from the new S3 model.

The standout feature of the Solo S3 is its ability to run on AA batteries. The S3 uses handiest a fragment of the energy utilized by corded detectors and will final months on a single set of batteries. The new AutoPower function routinely turns the device off to preserve battery life when it would not feel any movement of the automobile.

The Solo S3 offers upgraded performance from the previous S2 model with longer variety warnings on all police radar bands. Escort’s patented digital sign processing provides the longest warnings with fewer false alerts.

Another new characteristic in this version is the natural LED display that provides a excessive decision description of all radar and laser indicators which includes the usual Escort bar graph show and the ExpertMeter show. The ExpertMeter show can show the signal energy of 2 Ka, 2 K, and 4 X-band signals all at once. The screen will flip off to shop battery while no alerts are present. This also allows preserve your radar detector discreet so nobody else will realize you have got it.

The Solo S3 is able to displaying safety warning gadget information. These alerts will keep you aware of avenue hazards inclusive of accidents.

The detector comes loaded with everything you want to get Çeşme Escort started so you can simply positioned it in your automobile and flip it on:

Radar detector
Owner’s Manual
Windshield Mount
Travel Case
One set of AA batteries
For advanced users, the Solo S3 presents nine programmable features including different power on indicators, AutoPower, strength on sequences, signal power meters, AutoMute, audio tones, town mode, brightness control, darkish mode, and the potential to allow or disable certain radar bands.

The Solo S3 is extraordinary for vacationers who need to change it from rental car to condo automobile, and even lower back into their own car once they return. There aren’t any wires to attach or detach and it comes with a tour case so it may not get damaged in your baggage.

If you’re seeking out the last in cordless radar detection, look no similarly than the Escort Solo S3.

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