Interesting Facts About Saint Hubertu the Philippines – From History to Sports

2165 In Baptism, the Christian receives his name in the Church. Parents, godparents, and the pastor are Saint Hubertu to see that he be given a Christian name. The patron saint provides a model of charity and the assurance of his prayer. – CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH-

1255 For the grace of Baptism to Saint Hubertus Medal unfold, the parents’ help is important. So too is the role of the godfather and godmother, who must be firm believers, able and ready Saint Hubertu to help the newly baptized – child or adult on the road of Christian life. Their task is a truly ecclesial function (officium). The whole ecclesial community bears some responsibility for the development and safeguarding of the grace given at Baptism. – CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH-

There are many things you can do for your Godchild! The main thing to remember is…. do something!

Suggestions of Things You Can Do for Your Godchild

1. Pray for your Godson or Goddaughter…. every day!

2. Attend Mass Saint Hubertu on Your Godson or Goddaughter’s Birthday and offer it up.

3. Send a mass card to your Godson or Goddaughter on their First Communion, Birthday, Confirmation, or in times of difficulty.

4. Find out the name of the Saint who shares a Feast Day with your Godchild’s Birthday. Send your Saint Hubertu Godchild prayer cards and other spiritual gifts related to this Saint. You can also pray a novena to this Saint for your Godchild.

5. Attend important events like: Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Jr. High and High School Graduation, Wedding Day.

6. Always remember to send the Godchild small religious gifts once in a while. This should be in addition to a regular birthday gift if you normally give the child one. A religious gift will let your Saint Hubertu Godchild know you are concerned about him or her spiritually, and in a special way that is different from anyone else. Suggested religious gifts for a Saint Hubertu Goddaughter or Godson could be: rosaries, chaplets, holy cards, saint medals, religious statues, holy bears, saint dolls, Catholic videos or DVD’s, and anything else you can think that will encourage their Catholic Faith to grow.

7. Telephone or email your Godchild every so often, so that you keep an active relationship going. This is especially important for Godparents who live out of town or far away from the Godchild. If you live near your Godchild, you can take him or her out for a soda or out to dinner once in a while. Spend time with your Goddaughter or Godson and be active in his or her life.