Marketing Your Custom Lip Balm

Lip balms are a widely used beauty product. It is often characterized as products made up of waxy substances being applied topically to the lips to help relieve it from dryness due to chapping, excessive moisture loss, and cold sores. Lip balms come in different formulation and varieties with others containing flavour, dyes, fragrance, menthol, sunscreens and such.

Lip balms are used to provide moisture by locking it in the external layer of the lips to help protect it from drying due to cold temperatures and external exposure. It consists of occlusive materials such as petroleum jelly and wax; known ingredients that are proven to be effective in moisture retention.


One of the most popular ingredients of commercial lip balms is beeswax. Taken from its root word, bees, beeswax is a nutrient-packed substance that bees secrete when constructing a honeycomb. Beeswax in its natural form is liquid and devoid of color. It can be easily mixed in water in oil emulsions and is hypo-allergenic. Beeswax is also an effective emollient, meaning, it has natural soothing and softening properties that makes it a great lip balm ingredient. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial components can help in the prevention of infection and bacterial growth. Beeswax can trap moisture excellently, and can aid in defending the skin against detrimental factors found in the environment.


Due to the healing VISIT components of beeswax, it has become a staple ingredient of many make-ups and cosmetic products. These include not only lip balms, but also cold creams, lotions, cleansing creams, nail creams, depilatories, eye and face make-up and the likes. Beeswax is also considered non-comodogenic; therefore, if used properly, you can be sure that use of this product won’t clog your skin pores and result to pimples or acne. It’s got a zero irritation potential and is non allergenic. However, use of products made up of beeswax is contraindicated to people with oily skin. Also, people who are allergic to bees should refrain from using lip balms with bees wax as ingredients to avoid any possible interaction.

So to make sure that your lip balm is really working to your advantage, choose one that is specifically formulated with beeswax in it. Not only will it coat your lips with moisture to help combat dryness, chapping and cold sores, it will also provide you with antibacterial protection and will help maintain the natural softness and suppleness of your lips.

Pauline Milks graduated from Columbia University in 1985 and have a keen interest in the effectiveness of skincare products and acne skin treatments. She has led multiple skincare studies on the effectiveness of green companies and fair trade shopping. She is interested in helping people lead happier and healthier lives through her research.