Natural Hair Removal

There is common belief among the people that any product which has a ‘natural’ label is the best. Many think that all natural products are better and can work wonders for you. Same is the case with hair removal products. People think that natural hair removal products are comparatively safe to use than Shr hair removal the various chemical hair removers. But the fact is that most of the natural hair removal products contain some kind of chemicals as well. There are many natural hair removal products available in the market but only a few is actually capable of doing the targeted function. So people have started to feel weary of such products. The problem with natural hair removal products is that a product which is effective on one person is not so effective on another person.

Natural products for hair removal work by interrupting the hair growth by affecting the hair follicle. They are commonly called as hair growth inhibitors. A product called kalo hair growth inhibitor was the first to reach the market. Though it can be used by men, women and children, it is not so effective to every body who want to use it. Kalo is easily available with out any prescription. Another product which came to the scene later is vaniqua. This cannot be used by everybody, only women and girls above twelve years of age can get the benefit of this product. Even this has varying effect on different people according to the nature of the skin and hair. It is difficult to get vaniqa as they are sold only on prescription. These products are mainly used for facial hair removal and they have provided many women with a convenient and easy hair removal source.

Advancement in technology has caused the evolution of hair removal machines. They are capable of finding solution to almost all hair removal problems faced by many people. This machine will do minute scrubbing of the skin and remove the unwanted hair. The process is commonly called as ‘micro dermabrasion’. This machine does the scrubbing by using a natural diamond material. These machines are usually user friendly, safe and can produce great result

Some hair growth inhibitors progressively and naturally stops unwanted hair growth through enzyme technology. These hair removal product changes the structure of the hair follicle of a person. This product can change the texture of the hair. They can make thick coarse hair to finer and softer and then removing it. The advantage of this product is that it is site specific and affects only the area where you apply that. It is effective on both coarse and fine hair, and no matter man or women. This natural hair removal product can be safely used by person having sensitive skin

Apart from the above mentioned natural hair removal products there are some really natural hair removers. In India turmeric paste is used for facial hair removal.curcurmin a component present in turmeric has antisepticproperty and is effective in hair removal. Unlike other chemical hair removal products the result is not instantaneous incase of turmeric. Constant application for a considerable period is required for the effect .They are really natural and lacks any side effects. The draw back is that it cannot be used where hair growth is really more.

Most of the genuine natural hair removal products are the result of years of dedicated research and development. Usually natural hair removal product contain a mixture of plant extracts, they are essentially organic and are really safe and less painful than other unnatural products. And some are very effective in removing facial and body hair. Many natural hair removal creams are also available. Natural hair removal products help you to avoid practices like, regular shaving, waxing, and the use of tweezers which are painful. They are not expensive like electrolysis and laser hair removal.