On Becoming a Miracle Magnet – Yes, You Can

Overview of A Course in Miracles | Miracle Distribution Center

The very next day the journey started to reveal itself… while having lunch with a friend I mentioned the woman’s dilemma. The miracle process started when my luncheon companion wrote a check for $250 to contribute to the chair.

As I mentioned the wheelchair to friends and family the amount needed was quickly raised without fanfare in less then a week. I dropped the checks off at the salon with a note simply asking “if she had praying for a miracle?” When she called me later that night on the phone I knew intuitively that the person on the end who didn’t say anything had to be her. Eventually when she was able to speak her voice filled tears she asked me “Who are all these people where did they money come from?” I explained that some of the checks were from my family and friends even the mail lady. Everyone wanted to contribute on her husband’s chair. Each person who donated received a handwritten note along with a picture of her husband in his new wheelchair.

A day after this, my company received the largest acim single order in our 15-year history! I knew that this synchronicity originated from my willingness to assist in the woman’s miracle.

Call forth the power for your own miracles to be experienced each day, open yourself up to participating in miracles for others and you will watch a spectacular tapestry of life unfold before your eyes.

Sheree Franklin is a business intuitive who enpowers individuals and corporate clients in moving out of their comfort zones, to create new ideas and strategies, to boost profitability, raise morale and establish a vision to reach their true potential. In addition to being an established journalist, Sheree is a motivational speaker and workshop leader. She is the Founder and President of Specialites Plus, a promotional products company based in Chicago. For close to 20 years, she designed and developed marketing strategies for large and small businesses. Two years ago, this multi-faceted entrepreneur transitioned from corporate marketing to pursue her passion of guiding her clients on the path of embracing a tool set of true positive thoughts and inner knowing.

She is a graduate of NIU with a BA degree in Journalism, and has attended the DePaul University Small Business Program as well as earned the Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) in the Promotional Products Industry and the Tuck Executive Education Program MBDA Partnership Program. In addition, Sheree is a member of Toastmaster’s International and has earned two Competent Communicator’s designations.