Top five techniques before climbing in Thailand


Roaming through the forest or climbing are two adventure activities that are popular with both Thai and foreign tourists since they are both challenging and interesting. Thailand has numerous prominent tourist destinations, including Khao Yai National Park, Phu Kradueng, and others. This exercise helps you to connect and close with nature and relax, which is also known as Naturopathy. The top five appropriate methods that you should take before climbing in Thailand are as follows:

1.     Studying the route

            Before climbing, I recommend that you research the route, such as how many kilometers you will need to walk, how much time you will need to spend, if the way is steep or smooth, and whether the location is a meadow, a bamboo forest, or an evergreen forest. Furthermore, you should highlight the rest stop or break location as well as the shop along the way. Every factor, such as climate and route, has an impact on the clothes and other items that are prepared.

2.     Preparing yourself to be ready

            Examine and investigate yourself to see if you have any congenital diseases. Heart and vascular illness, high-low blood pressure, asthma-asthma, epilepsy, knee joint ailments such as gout, etc are not suggested for climbing. If your health is good and you don’t have any illnesses, I recommend that you exercise every day for about two weeks before climbing to create strong muscles and bones.

3.     Preparing your clothes

            Long-sleeved shirts and slacks are advised to protect against branch scratches, bug bites, and daytime sunshine. It should be a breathable, flexible fabric that is not too tight and unpleasant. Because climbing requires a lot of energy and makes you sweat all the time. Furthermore, I recommend that you pack a hat, preferably one with wide wings, which can give excellent sun protection. Sneaker shoes are excellent for climbing since it is both comfy and supportive of your feet.


4.     Studying the weather

            Before traveling, check the weather forecast on a regular basis. Checking with local officials about the present weather situation is one example. For more precise planning, keep in mind that it may rain, be chilly and windy, so pack your clothes, bags, and weather protection equipment accordingly.

5.     Preparing equipment overnight

            If you must spend the night at the top of the mountain, I recommend that you check with the personnel to see if there are any amenities available. Because certain routes do not have that, you must have camping equipment prepared, sleeping bags, clean water, tinned food, a bowl-spoon, tissue, dishwashing liquid, a small knife, and other items.

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